Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

Jordy Paulemon
Head Coach / Director of Athletics
Michael Pabon
Distance Coach / Corrective Exercise Specialist


At Goldin U, Inc. we believe that effective coaching is key for any athletic or general population fitness company, and that is why we have heavily invested in our coaching department. We have qualified coaches who are fully equipped to enable every individual to achieve their full potential. With our expertise coaching, we assure you that you will find an appropriate coaching method for yourself.

Why do you need a coach?

  1. Our coaches are well trained and qualified to help you gain skills and achieve your desired goals.
  2. Coaches act as a lighthouse that will give you direction and help you see possibilities where you cannot.
  3. Coaches give you a different school of thought and perspective that will challenge you when it comes to matters related to athletics.
  4. Coaches provide encouragement, motivation and positive reinforcement when you hit a setback in the course of your training.

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