people make the difference



Jordy Paulemon

Throws / Weightlifting

Eugenia Bradshaw

Sports Performance / Nutrition

Ali Johnson

Sprints / Fitness

Gena Bradshaw

Sports Performance / Nutrition

Keith Ferrara

Strength & Conditioning

Magdeliz Osorio

Weightlifting / Fitness

Michael Pabon

Corrective Exercise / Fitness

Madi Richardson

Pole Vault / Fitness

Mallory Reilly

Occupational Therapist

Why do you need a coach?

  1. Our coaches are well trained and qualified to help you gain skills and achieve your desired goals.
  2. Coaches act as a lighthouse that will give you direction and help you see possibilities where you cannot.
  3. Coaches give you a different school of thought and perspective that will challenge you when it comes to matters related to athletics.
  4. Coaches provide encouragement, motivation and positive reinforcement when you hit a setback in the course of your training.

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