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About Us

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Compete & Stay Active

It is our goal to provide opportunities to compete and stay active. Our efforts serve all active individuals, from beginners to professional athletes, the young and the elderly.                                                                   We are determined to develop individuals’ athletic abilities, guide student-athletes through higher education search processes, and provide professional development opportunities. 


Fun & Safe

Development programs and outreach efforts to prepare the next generation of athletes.



Events and clinics that give members an opportunity to showcase their dedication and talents.



Promotes fitness, friendship, volunteerism, competition, and inclusive sportsmanship.



P.A.T.H. Towards The


‘Find Your P.A.T.H’: Positivity, Accountability, Trust, and Humility are the 

foundational principles behind the success of our members and athletes. If you ever find yourself 

straying from the path then let us know and we will work together to get back on it.

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Support Towards Active Lifestyle
  • Private and Group Training
  • Competition Preparation
  • Professional Development Initiatives

“promote unity, self discovery, peace, love, diversity, and joy for all.”

Marie Florence L’oiseau

You Are Not Limited


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making a start

Thank you for choosing Goldin U Athletics as your trusted source to help take your athletic career to the next level. We are here to help guide you to success as you embark on a journey that will surely set the tone for your current and future athletic performance standards. Great coaching is hard to find these days, so we have developed an online coaching system to help athletes all over the world navigate the ins and outs of elite performance. 

Group Sessions

These workouts offer coaching, camaraderie, and the motivation that comes from training with others.

Personal Training

Your coach will guide you toward hitting your personal athletic goals.

Online Coaching

Programs rooted in an online component that allows you to train wherever you live.

Courses & Clinics

Both Online & In-person education initiatives.

our team of experts are here for you


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