About Us

About US


Welcome to Goldin U Athletics, a platform that uses sports to cater to athletes and general population fitness. We are determined to develop individuals’ athletic abilities, guide student-athletes through higher education search processes, and provide a platform for individuals to showcase their work through various competitions.

Goldin u, Inc. is a non-profit education services company, structured as a school. We have multiple departments that cater to various communities. The main objective of each department is to provide guidance through education search, including; college selection process/ athletic recruiting, professional development, certification courses and prep.

Goldin U Athletics, our athletics department, is registered through USA Track & Field (USATF) as a club open to Youth, Open and Masters Athletes. We will be adding more clubs and sports over time, including USA Weightlifting and Basketball.

Join Goldin U Inc. today and be part of the many health-conscious individuals that have incorporated fitness into their daily regimen.